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Brussels Regional Public Service

Intern younger than 30

If the non-European worker is younger than 30 and comes to Belgium for an internship at for instance a private company, the type of authorisation that needs to be requested depends on the duration of the stay in Belgium.

(art. 9,5 of the royal decree dated 09/06/1999)

Please note: the ‘trainee’ provisions in articles 20 to 23 of the royal decree dated 9 June 1999 will not enter into force until the federal government has adopted the necessary legal acts (transposition of the European directives covered by the cooperation agreement dated 6 December 2018 between the federal state, the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region, the Brussels Capital Region and the German-speaking Community). Until then, please refer to the information in this section and in the explanatory sheet to request a work authorisation for a trainee.

The intern will be working in the Brussels Capital Region for 90 days to twelve months.

Apply for a single permit

The intern will be working in the Brussels Capital Region for maximum 90 days.

Apply for a work permit

(In case of successive jobs without any interruption, the previous periods are taken into account to calculate the 90 days. If the 90 days are exceeded, see procedure single permit.)

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