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The LEZ premium has been extended!

31 January 2022

The LEZ premium has been updated. Receive assistance of up to €15,000 when purchasing or leasing a new utility vehicle to replace one that can no longer be driven in the Region. 


The new features of this new bonus include :

  • Available to medium-sized companies
  • Amount of the premium
    • Some amounts and ceilings have been significantly increased (up to €15,000).
  • Simplified administrative procedures
    • Removal of the prior authorisation requirement (all other investment aid remains subject to this prior authorisation procedure)
    • Extension of the eligibility period 
  • Increase in the maximum number of premiums per company to 3 per calendar year
  • Support for the purchase and installation of charging stations
    • A premium can also be obtained for the installation of a charging station when a replacement utility vehicle is purchased or leased. 

    For more information and to apply for the premium (in French and Dutch)

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