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A quels subsides avez-vous droit?

What subsidies are you entitled to?

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What support can you request?

With this tool you can see in a few clicks which aid you are eligible for, depending on your situation (Brussels companies and self-employed people, sectors of activity, size of the company). For each aid measure you will find other conditions to be fulfilled on the corresponding pages of the website.


  • This tool is provided for your information. If you subsequently submit a support application to Brussels Economy and Employment, only the decision of the board, in accordance with the applicable legislation, is legally valid.
  • The activity of your company is determined in particular on the basis of your NACE VAT code and your articles of association.
  • This instrument does not apply to companies that have indirect links with other companies. If your company is a partner or affiliated with another company and the latter is a partner or affiliated with another company, you cannot use this instrument. In that case, please contact us at

⚠️ The covid premiums are not included in this tool. If you want to know what are the support to businesses during the coronacrisis, refer to this page.

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