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What subsidies are you entitled to?

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What support can you request?

With this tool you can see in a few clicks which aid you are eligible for, depending on your situation (Brussels companies and self-employed people, sectors of activity, size of the company). For each aid measure you will find other conditions to be fulfilled on the corresponding pages of the website.


  • This tool is provided for your information. It operates on the basis of information from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE). If you subsequently submit an application for support to Brussels Economy and Employment, only the legal decision of the administration will be valid.
  • When processing your application, the board will determine the activity of your enterprise on the basis of your NACE code(s) registered with the CBE in the VAT register and on the basis of your articles of association.
  • The premiums mainly concern the self-employed and companies. In certain cases, NPOs and NPISHs can also benefit from them. If you represent an association, please contact us.
  • This instrument does not apply to companies that have indirect links with other companies. If your company is a partner or affiliated with another company and the latter is a partner or affiliated with another company, you cannot use this instrument. In that case, please contact us at
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