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Good news! The obligation to prove professional skills in order to set up your own business in five activity areas has been abolished, as well as the requirement to obtain an authorisation to operate itinerant and fairground activities. Find out whether or not this concerns you.

Setting up a business in Brussels

The Brussels Capital Region makes entrepreneurship easy. Starting your entrepreneurial adventure in Brussels is now easier and more achievable thanks to recent regulatory simplifications. Find all the information you need to start your own business.

Start your CBE registration at an business counters

The first thing to do is obtain your company number from an approved enterprise counter.

Find abusiness counter

Demonstrate your professional skills

Management knowledge is no longer required, but professional skills are still essential for certain activities. Find out about the activities involved.

Demonstrate your skills

Request your specific permits 

Some activities require specific permits before they can begin. Find out about the permits required for your area.

See specific activities

Receive grants

Take advantage of grants intended to give your project a boost. These financial incentives cover part of your expenses, whether for training, equipment acquisition, consultancy services, childcare, membership of a coworking space, or even taking part in international trade fairs.

See available grants

Are you a non-European national? Apply for your professional card

Non-European nationals need a "professional card" to be self-employed in Belgium.

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