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Temporary activity

Do you have a travel agency outside the Brussels-Capital Region (in another region or country) and would you like to participate in a trade fair in the Brussels-Capital Region?

Submit declaration 

A declaration is required to be able to temporarily or occasionally carry out the activities of a travel agency on the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region. 

Step 1: collect the necessary attachments  

If this is the first declaration for carrying out the activities of a travel agency, the following documents must be sent to the Brussels Economy and Employment Administration within 15 days following the first transfer to the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region: 

  1. a copy of the insurance contract(s) covering professional liability taken out with an insurer; 

  1. proof that there are sufficient own guarantees to ensure compliance with the service provider's obligations in the event of financial insolvency. 

Step 2: Fill in the form 

  1. Log into MyBEE.

    If you don't have an account yet: create one.

    Watch the tutorial on creating a MyBEE account (french or dutch only)

  2. Complete the form "Déclaration temporaire et/ou occasionnelle" in MyBEE (french or dutch only)

Submit your declaration via MyBEE

Are you aiming for permanent activity as a travel agency, as opposed to occasional? Then please choose from:

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