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Economic transition

06 November 2023

Get your company accredited as “exemplary”, receive higher grants and contribute to the economic transition.

How can you capitalise on your company’s social and environmental efforts?

As of 2024, Brussels companies that are accredited as "exemplary" with regard to social and/or environmental issues will be able to receive higher financial aid. With regard to grants for companies, those that are accredited as exemplary will receive a grant that is between 2,5% and 45% higher!

There are a number of ways for you to demonstrate that your company has taken steps towards exemplarity:

  • having obtained a certification or an approved label (for example, the Good Food Resto label or the circular economy recognition),
  • having benefited from an approved public scheme (such as a call for projects launched by Brussels Economy and Employment) or
  • encouraging socio-professional integration and on-the-job training for employees through your employment policy (in particular via work-linked training).

Why not follow the example of companies like La Bwat or Opengraphy?

From the concept to the practical information, including key objectives and a few testimonials:

Towards "exemplarity"


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