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Tetra+ bonus

02 June 2021

The Tetra+ bonus is meant for Brussels companies active in the sectors of nightclubs, restaurants and cafés and some of their suppliers, events, culture, tourism, sports and taxis. It is available from 2 until 30 June 2021. Read below (in French) the differences with the previous Tetra bonus and if you should ask the Tetra+ bonus.
Check out all the details and ask the Tetra+ bonus
(in French or Dutch)

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Project Call: Digitisation & Economic Transition

20 May 2021

We are launching a new call for projects to support VSE and SME in their digitisation efforts on the one hand, and to ensure the digital transition of the Brussels economy by supporting the development of digital projects with a positive social and environmental impact on the other hand.

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The "Tetra Premium" will be available on 19 April

06 April 2021

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brussels Government intends to support the sectors of discotheques, restaurants and cafés and their main suppliers, events, culture, tourism and sports through the introduction of an economic support mechanism.

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Call for projects "Local & Together"

01 March 2021

With "Local&Together", the Brussels-Capital Region is launching a new call for projects to support local business dynamics and strengthen a local commercial network. It aims to set up collective projects led by associations of shopkeepers and other local players in a defined commercial district.

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Call for projects "Diversity and anti-discrimination 2021"

17 February 2021

This call for projects aims at concrete actions to combat discrimination in recruitment and to support labor market diversity in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is addressed to all private associations and local authorities that want to develop projects in that sense.

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