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"Brexit Adjustment Reserve" : what do you need?

06 July 2022

Do you export to or import from the UK? Are you planning to do so? Then this is for you.

Brexit Adjustment Reserve

Following Brexit, the European Union has set up a special Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR). The Brussels Regional Government has put in place an action plan to address the main challenges.

Incentives for companies impacted by the Brexit are being prepared. In order to put in place the most appropriate support measures for your needs and to inform all the companies concerned, we need your help.

Has your business been, is it or could it be impacted by Brexit in any way? Do you have, have had or intend to have commercial relations with the United Kingdom (exports, investments, imports, reception of British customers, ...)?

If you are in one of these cases, we invite you to take 3 minutes to fill in the survey below. We will then know your needs better and we will inform you as soon as the "Brexit Impact" premiums (BAR) are launched. These should be available in early 2023.

Complete this survey

🇪🇺 This project is funded by the European Union.

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