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Professional skills

02 April 2024

Since the beginning of this year, the access to the profession when setting up a business in the Brussels Capital Region has been simplified in various ways.

Compétences professionnelles

Following the removal of the requirement to demonstrate basic management skills, other changes apply.
From 1 April 2024, you will no longer have to prove your professional skills when you set up your business as a butcher’s meat wholesaler, dry cleaner & dyer, pedicure specialist, massage therapist or dental technician in the Brussels Capital Region.
Moreover, you no longer need a permit for itinerant or fairground activities on the territory of the Brussels Capital Region, except for itinerant activities at the consumer’s residence. However, you must possess certain documents to operate a fairground activity or an itinerant fairground catering activity, and provide these to the relevant municipality.

Registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises remains compulsory, and the professional skills must be validated for the other regulated sectors.

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