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Access to the profession: reform by 2024

16 October 2023

Do you need to prove your basic management knowledge? Do you need to prove your skills for a particular profession? The access to the profession rules are being simplified.


Please note that from the beginning of next year, 2024, the rules for acceding to a profession should undergo simplification on three levels in Brussels-Capital Region :

  1. Suppression of the obligation to prove basic management knowledge from 15 January 2024.
  2. Suppression of the obligation to demonstrate professional skills for five professions : meat wholesaler, degreaser-dyer, pedicurist, massage and dental technician from April 1st 2024.
  3. Suppression of the authorisation requirement for itinerant and fairground activities (the authorisation requirement is maintained for itinerant activities at the consumer’s residence) from April 1st 2024.

Find out more about the planned changes on our dedicated page (in French or Dutch).

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