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Brussels Regional Public Service

Other case

Does the non-European prospective employee not find themself in any of the situations mentioned on the previous page?

Then you can obtain an employment authorisation (employer) and a single permit or work permit (employee), only if it proves impossible to find a competent employee on the Brussels labour market.
To determine this, Actiris will be asked to examine the labour market.

The type of authorisation you should apply for varies according to the duration of the stay in Belgium.

The non-European worker will work in Belgium for more than 90 days.

Apply for a single permit

The non-European worker will work in Belgium for maximum 90 days.

Apply for a work permit

(In case of successive jobs without any interruption, the previous periods are taken into account to calculate the 90 days. If the 90 days are exceeded, see procedure single permit.)


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