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The situation of the (potential) employee

Are you exempted or should you request autorisation? Do you need to apply for a work permit or a single permit? How?

Find out by selecting the situation of the (potential) employee below.

Please note the following with regard to a single permit application :

  • If you wish (Belgian employer) or need (foreign employer) to call on a service provider to submit your permit applications :

    you and your representative must follow the procedure for a power of attorney
  • For every application for which a proof of payment of the fee must be included: 

    you can find more information on this fee on the website of the Immigration Office. The amounts of the fee to be paid have been significantly modified on 26 May 2022.
  • When Brussels Economy and Employment delivers a work permit, that does not automatically lead to the Immigration Office delivering a single permit. The single permit is only delivered to people meeting the conditions mentioned in articles 61/25-1 and following of the law dated 15/12/1980.
  • Persons holding a special residence permit must provide proof of renunciation of their privileged status (certificate from the Foreign Affairs Protocol Service), when submitting their application for a single permit.

Executive, director, researcher, highly qualified, professor, temporary intra-corporate transfer (ICT), etc.


Other case 

  • Other function, other situation or lower salary than those mentioned above

Minimal remuneration

As a reminder, every worker should be remunerated in accordance with the Belgian legislation (for instance, the competent joint committee), and this remuneration cannot be lower than 2.029,88 € per month gross (collective labour agreement no. 43 of the National Labour Council).


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