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Analyses of food

Do you need analyses to check the quality, shelf life, authenticity, composition or conformity of your products? Thanks to BRUCEFO, you can have all these parameters accurately checked.

What products do we analyse and for what parameters?

Our expert team will offer you a choice of microbiological analyses, classical chemical analyses (e.g. nutritional composition), instrumental analyses (gas or liquid chromatography, etc.) and mineral analyses.

All foodstuffs

BRUCEFO has years of experience and expertise in analysing a wide range of food products:

meat, meat products and fish – insect products – plant products – dairy products – beverages – prepared meals – bakery and confectionery products – mass caterers' meals – raw materials – etc.


  • the microbiological quality
  • the expiry date
  • the potability of water
  • the conformity to standards
  • the freshness
  • the nutritional composition and the nutri-score calculation for labelling purposes
  • the presence of allergens
  • the presence of contaminants and additives
  • the physico-chemical properties
  • etc.

Request your lab analyses

Do you already know what analyses you need? You can immediately download the analysis request form via the button below.

Request form for lab analyses
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