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Week of the economic transition

19 November 2021

The Brussels-Capital Region has chosen to play a leading role in the economic transition. To better understand what that concept of transition means, a week of events and meetings will take place from November 22 to 26.

What is "economic transition"?

It is supporting the gradual transformation of economic activities to contribute to social and environmental challenges. It is therefore about supporting and guiding enterprises that promote a local, circular, social and democratic economy. It is a movement in which all enterprises, regardless of their size or sector, can participate.

But what does this economic transition in Brussels entail in concrete terms? How can entrepreneurs, business leaders and institutional and political actors in Brussels participate in it? To find out more, Brussels Environment, Brussels Economy and Employment, Innoviris and invite you to the colloquium "The economy of the future - What are the challenges and opportunities for the economic transition of the Brussels-Capital Region?" which will take place on Tuesday 23 November, with, among others, Kate Raworth, author of the "Donut theory".

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