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Obligations of travel agencies

As the operator of an authorized travel agency on the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region, you must comply with a number of obligations with regard to customers, suppliers and the Region.

Obligations towards the customers of the travel agency 

  • Display the obtained logo close to the entrance and always visible to the public. 

  • Provide the correct terms and all necessary information regarding the prices and conditions of a trip or a stay. 

  • Provide the services, in the foreseen circumstances, to which the agency has committed itself in relation to the customer. 

  • Respect the confidentiality of all customer data. 

  • Not to use the funds deposited by a customer for purposes other than those of the agency and to return the funds due to customers without delay. 

  • In case subcontractors are used: only call upon suppliers or subcontractors who offer a reliable professional and moral guarantee. 

Obligations towards the suppliers 

  • To pay the suppliers within the agreed deadlines, if not within the usual terms. 

  • With regard to dissolution of agreements (contracts), to respect the agreed terms, if not, the usual terms. 

Information that has to be provided to Brussels Economy and Employment 

  • Annually by 1 July : provide Brussels Economy and Employment with the number of employees working in the main office and in the branches of the company established in the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region. 

  • In the event of a change that affects an item in the authorisation request or a document that accompanies it: report this change to Brussels Economy and Employment by registered letter within a period of 1 month following occurrence of the event. 

These obligations are applicable to the following categories :

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