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Brussels Regional Public Service

Authorisation application "in the frame of an exemption"

Journalist exclusively working for a foreign news organisation - more than 90 days in Belgium

(art. 2,15 royal decree 09/06/1999)


Should the duration of the employment in Belgium exceed 90 days, then you need to submit the following documents: 

  1. Form
     Authorisation application to employ a foreign worker during more than 90 days - Employer established abroad - Single Permit (in French or in Dutch
  2. Medical certificate of the Immigration Office for a foreign worker (in French or in Dutch)
  3. Other required documents

What is the procedure?

The employer completes an application for a work permit to employ a worker under the single permit scheme. He forwards it to Brussels Economy and Employment. If the application is acceptable and admissible: Brussels Economy and Employment examines the application with regard to the conditions of employment. A) If Brussels Economy and Employment refuses the request: Brussels Economy and Employment notifies its decision to the employer and, if applicable, to the worker who is legally resident in Belgium.

The procedure takes four months at most from the moment Brussels Economy and Employment has the complete file until the single permit is delivered / the rejection is notified.


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