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Certificate and documents

In order to register your accommodation, you will need, among other things, a fire safety and a urban planning certificates.

A) Fire safety certificate or simplified inspection certificate

Your accommodation establishment must meet fire protection standards.

In order to prove this, you must obtain a certificate from the mayor of the municipality where the accommodation establishment is located and have it renewed every five years.

You must request a simplified inspection certificate or a fire safety certificate, depending on the type of operation planned.

  • How many people can your establishment and any other tourist accommodation within your building accommodate? What is the 'maximum total capacity' of your establishment?

    • The maximum capacity is the number of people for which the establishment is designed, plus the number of tourists that can be accommodated with extra beds.
    • The maximum total capacity is the sum of the maximum capacities of the tourist accommodations located in the same building.

    The maximum total capacity is fewer than 10 people

    Request a simplified inspection certificate

    The maximum total capacity is at least 10 people:

    Request a fire safety certificate

B) Urban planning certificate

The planned activity must comply with the destination of the building as mentioned in the urban planning permit or in the applicable land use plans.

To confirm this, you must obtain a certificate of compliance with the land management and urban planning standards from the urban planning service in the municipality where your accommodation is located.

Urban planning certificate (in French)

Urban planning certificate (in Dutch)

Check the contact details of the urban planning service of the municipality (in French).

Keep a proof of your request submitted to the municipality (a copy of the registered mail...).

The municipality will decide whether or not to grant you the certificate based on the analysis of your dossier.

C) Written agreement from the co-owners

If the building is a condominium: request a written agreement from the General Assembly of co-owners. This written agreement must relate to pursuing the activity of offering tourist accommodation within the building.

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