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Work permit application

Domestic servant - maximum 90 days in Belgium

(art. 9,15 Royal Decree 09/06/1999)

If the duration of the employment in Belgium is maximum 90 days (in case of successive jobs without any interruption, the previous periods are taken into account to calculate the 90 days), you need to submit the following documents:

  1. Form

     Authorisation application to employ a foreign worker for maximum 90 days - Employer in Belgium (in French or in Dutch)
  2. Standard contract in accordance with article 12, paragraph 2 of the royal decree dated 9 June 1999 (in French or in Dutch)
  3. Fringe benefits agreement (in French or in Dutch)
  4. Medical certificate for a foreign worker, in accordance with article 14 of the royal decree dated 9 June 1999 (in French or in Dutch)
  5. Other required documents

What is the procedure?

Procedure work permit


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