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Application for a European blue card

Highly qualified staff

(art. 9,2 AR 09/06/1999)

Conditions to be met to benefit from a European Blue Card

  • Minimum gross annual remuneration of 60.998 € from 01/01/2023 (4.382,04 € x 13,92) and 65.053 € from 01/01/2024 (4.673,35 € x 13,92)
  • Employment contract for an indefinite period or at least a year
  • Higher education degree that necessitated three study years
  • Not a seconded worker, a long-term resident, a researcher a person under temporary protection, an asylum seeker nor a seasonal worker - Consult the list of excluded categories

If all these conditions are not met, see the section "qualified worker".

Apply for a Blue Card

  1. Prepare the necessary annexes (.pdf)
  2. Fill in an application for a single permit via the digital counter "Working in Belgium".

    If you have any questions about this application, please consult the FAQ.

Apply for a single permit

What is the procedure?

Period of validity

The employment entitling authorisation is granted for the duration of the employment contract, with a maximum duration of three years.

For an employment of more than a year : 

  • the employer needs to provide a form as well as certain documents yearly to prove that the eligibility conditions are still met.
  • the wages must continue to respect the established thresholds. The indexation of the amounts on 1 January of every year is immediately applicable.

Documents that need to be provided in case of a contract lasting more than a year

Yearly, the employer needs to provide the following documents, at the latest a month after the anniversary of the employment entitling authorisation :  

  1. a photocopy of the payslips or pay settlements for the entire duration of the employment entitling authorisation;
  2. a copy of the individual account.


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