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Fire safety certificate

The fire safety certificate confirms that your establishment meets the fire safety standards specific to tourist accommodation establishments. These safety standards concern the different rooms of the establishment as well as its access roads, interior and exterior staircases, technical premises, parking spots, electrical, lighting and heating installations...

Application for a simplified inspection certificate

Send (a) request(s) by registered mail to the mayor of the municipality where the accommodation establishment is located, using the following form.

Form to apply for a fire safety certificate (in French) (.pdf)

Form to apply for a fire safety certificate (in Dutch) (.pdf)

This form can be accompanied by a letter. Download an example of a letter (in French (.pdf) - in Dutch (.pdf)) to apply for a fire safety certificate.

Remember: You must apply for a fire safety certificate for each accommodation category run in your establishment. These requests will be examined together.

Following your request, the "Service d'Incendie et d'Aide Médicale Urgente" (SIAMU, firefighting and emergency medical assistance service) will visit your accommodation establishment. It will then provide a report to the mayor of the municipality where the accommodation establishment is located. The mayor will decide whether or not to grant you the certificate based on this advice.

If the treatment of your request by the municipality leads to a denied fire safety certificate, you can lodge an appeal (info in French (.pdf) - in Dutch (.pdf)). The mayor will also inform you of the possible means of appeal.

Renewal of a fire safety certificate

Following the same procedure, you must request the renewal of your certificate:

  • every 5 years;
  • as soon as the building or its equipment has undergone transformations that could possibly jeopardize its fire safety:
    • creation of new premises intended for tourists such as a room, meeting room, kitchen or living room;
    • modification or reorganisation of evacuation routes;
    • carrying out major works to fit out lifts and elevators;
    • any transformation that requires an urban planning permit...
  • Keep a piece of evidence of your request submitted to the municipality (a copy of the registered mail...).

Remember to request the renewal of your certificate 6 months before its expiration date.

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