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Other conditions

In order to obtain the registration of a tourist accommodation and to be able to (continue to) operate it, a series of practical conditions have to be met.

Conditions to be met by the operator

  1. The operator must be a natural person or a legal entity (irrespective of its legal form).
    The business must have tourist accommodation as its main or subsidiary business object.
  2. It must have a civil liability insurance for damage caused by itself or its employees.
  3. The operator - or the person in charge of the daily management if the operator is a legal entity - cannot have been convicted of certain crimes and offences against people, nor of crimes against morality, nor of crimes against property (theft, fraud...).

Conditions related to the tourist accommodation establishment

The tourist accommodation establishment should:

  1. be maintained in good condition in terms of hygiene and upkeep.
  2. meet safety and urban planning standards (certificates) and be registered with Brussels Economy and Employment.
  3. meet the specific conditions related to its category.

Take the necessary steps to ensure that your future tourist accommodation establishment meets the criteria imposed by the regulations.

  • The establishment has at least six rooms or suites (hotel), apartments or studios (aparthotel). Hotel services are included in the price (breakfast, change of bedding, room/apartment cleaning, concierge service, reception).

    Consult the specific conditions for running a hotel

    Consult the specific conditions for running an aparthotel

  • It is an apartment, studio, room or house, furnished and reserved for the exclusive use of the tenant (the operator does not live in this accommodation establishment).
    If it is possible to cook, it is called a tourist residence.
    If it is not possible to cook, it is called a furnished tourist lodging.
    The basic price does not include hotel-like services (breakfast, change of bedding, room cleaning...). A supplement must be requested for such services.
    The operation consists of one or several units.

    Consult the specific conditions for running a tourist residence

    Consult the specific conditions for running a furnished tourist lodging

  • A social tourism accommodation centre is a non-profit establishment offering accommodation in dormitories or rooms.

    Consult the specific conditions for running a social tourism accommodation centre

  • A campsite is a delineated open-air space to accommodate campers.
    It must have collective sanitary facilities, a bar or a restaurant...

    Consult the specific conditions for operation a campsite

  • A home-stay accommodation is a part of your personal and usual living quarters - or its adjoining annexes. For example: a guest house, a bed and breakfast,...
    The home-stay accommodation must have a minimum of one and a maximum of five guest rooms. The price of renting a home-stay accommodation must include services: laundry service, regular cleaning of the accommodation. For guest houses, the breakfast must also be included in the services.
    The person who lives there must offer a high-quality, personal welcome (welcome the guests personally, facilitate their stay and help them whenever they search for tourist information,...). 

    Consult the specific conditions for running a home-stay accommodation

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