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Simplified inspection certificate

The simplified inspection certificate certifies the conformity of your electrical installation, your heating installation and your gas installation and pipes.

Application for a simplified inspection certificate

Send a request by registered mail to the mayor of the municipality where the accommodation establishment is located.

Download the application form for a simplified inspection certificate (in French) 

Download the application form for a simplified inspection certificate (in Dutch) 

Your request must include: 

  1. the application form;
  2. certificates of conformity granted by an approved body for the tourist accommodation establishment concerning:
    • the electrical installation;
    • the heating installation, including chimneys and smoke exhaust ductwork;
    • where applicable, the gas installation and pipes, including connected devices.

These certificates must have been issued less than two years before the submission date of the application for the simplified inspection certificate and no major changes may have taken place since the certificates were issued.

Your documents can be accompanied by a letter. Download an example of a letter (in French or in Dutch) to apply for a simplified inspection certificate.

Keep a piece of evidence of your request submitted to the municipality (a copy of the registered mail...).

The mayor will decide whether or not to grant you the certificate based on the analysis of your file.

If your request is denied, the mayor will inform you of the possible means of appeal.

Renewal of a simplified inspection certificate

Following the same procedure, you must request the renewal of your certificate:

  • every 5 years;
  • as soon as the conditions to possess a simplified inspection certificate are no longer met;
  • as soon as the building or its equipment has undergone transformations that could possibly jeopardize its fire safety:
    • creation of new premises intended for tourists such as a room or a kitchen;
    • any transformation that requires an urban planning permit;
    • installation or modification of gas pipes and devices and fixed LPG tanks;
    • installation or modification of flue gas pipes for heating devices;
    • installation, modification or extension of an electrical network...

Remember to request the renewal of your certificate 6 months before its expiration date.

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