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Obligations for campsites

A campsite is an open-air space to welcome campers.


  • The campsite is located in a healthy place.
  • It is in good condition as regards hygiene, safety and general maintenance.
  • It contains collective bathroom facilities:
    • separate for men and women
    • at least one bathroom facility accessible to disabled people
    • fitted with electric lighting if accessible during the night.
  • These bathroom facilities contain at least:
    • a toilet fitted with a seat with rim and flush
    • a urinal with flush
    • a washbasin with mirror and shelf
    • a shower with drinking water
    • a toilet waste outlet.
  • The campsite has:
    • a bar or restaurant that is open whenever the campsite is open
    • water and electricity connections, including to each plot not reserved for tents
    • a nursing station
    • parking places
    •  refuse collection equipment and an internal, enclosed sewerage network.
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