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Conditions and obligations for social tourism accommodation centres

A social tourism accommodation centre is a non-profit establishment that offers accommodation in a bedroom or a dormitory. It provides hotel-type services and offers entertainment.

Management, guests and prices

  • The accommodation is managed by an organisation that does not aim to make a profit.
  • The accommodation is reserved for members of the managing organisation.
  • The prices charged are affordable and lower than the average prices charged in the hotel sector for equivalent accommodation.


  • A reception is accessible every weekday.
  • The establishment provides hotel-type services (for example, breakfast, beds changed, rooms cleaned, caretaker, reception).
  • It also offers entertainment or programmes to explore the region, designed to develop contacts between tourists from different countries and backgrounds in the context of social, inclusive tourism.
  • The sheets are changed every week.


  • The accommodation is in good condition as regards hygiene, safety and general maintenance.
  • It has individual and family bedrooms.
  • The accommodation has:
    • a restaurant
    • a bar
    • a communal relaxation area
    • a laundry
    • household appliances like an electric kettle and a microwave
    • an area with internet access and the possibility to print.
  • The bedrooms are clearly identified and have a lock on the door.
  • They contain:
    • beds (with mattress, mattress cover, pillows and bedding)
    • electric lighting
    • a window equipped with opaque curtains, and sheer curtains or equipment with a similar function when there is a possibility of people looking in
    • a ventilation system when the windows cannot be opened
    • a table
    • as many chairs as the announced capacity.
  • The bathroom has:
    • a washbasin with drinking water
    • electric lighting
    • a window or ventilation grid
    • a bath or a shower
    • a mirror
    • a small waste bin.
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